FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Question : How long does it take for carpets to dry fully?
Answer : The drying time of most carpet types depends on the air temperature levels, the internal airflow into the room cleaned, it typically takes 1-3 hours for the carpet to fully dry.

Question : Should i get my fabric lounge chairs professionally cleaned?
Answer : Houses that have lots of carpet, heaps of the grime, dust and dirt brought inside the house will end up in your fabric furniture.

Question : Does you guarantee stain removal?
Answer : Completely removing a carpet stain depends on the cause of the stain and the amount of time it has been there. Our carpet clean will drastically reduce the stain, but some stains cannot be removed completely, eg. oil & grease

Question : How often should i have my carpets cleaned?
Answer : To get the best lifetime from your carpet, it’s best to have them professionally carpets should be cleaned once each year (high traffic areas, pets…).

Question : Why do some carpet cleaning businesses when they arrive to the carpets the price always gets increased?
Answer : A professional carpet cleaner will included in the quote any spot and stain removal requirements, any heavy soiling and any deodorizing needed in the price over the telephone.

Question : Is the carpet cleaning process safe for pets & people?
Answer : Yes, completely safe. We only use highest quality environmentally friendly, non toxic chemicals which are all good for the health of humans and animals.

Question : Is vacuuming enough to keep my carpet clean?
Answer : Grime, dirt and dust gets deep into the carpet fibers, so its best once each year to get a professional carpet clean. This grime & dirt plays a big role in wearing down your carpet fibers early.

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