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Using a First Aid Kit in the Workplace


Carpet Cleaner Gold Coast. Giving fast and effective first aid to workmates or other people who have been injured or become ill at work can help reduce the level of the injury or illness and helps with recovery. In some circumstances this may mean the difference between life & death. People conducting a business are responsible for giving, as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe working environment and adequate facilities for the health care and first aid of their workforce.

What do i need to complete to comply?

The underlining risk can be considered low or high depending on the individual workplace. A low risk workplace is 1 where workers are not exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illness. Examples of low risk workplaces include offices, shopping centers and general stores. Work injuries & illnesses requiring first-aid services would be minor in nature.

A higher risk workplace would be a workplace where the workers maybe exposed to hazards that may result in more serious injuries or illnesses and would require first aid, for example welding factories or motor vehicle repair and maintenance workshops.

Having first aid risk assessment – Carpet Cleaner Gold Coast

All first aid requirements vary from one workplace to another, so you should consider all the relevant factors at your workplace when deciding what first aid services you need to have in place, including:

  • the type of work being carried out the potential hazards in the workplace,
  • the building size and location of the workplace (the distance between work areas and response times for your local emergency services),
  • the number and amount of visiting of people at the workplace (for example, workers, contractors, subcontractors, & visitors).

A complete first aid risk assessment for the workplace that considers all of the factors can help you to decide what first aid arrangements to provide. Through this risk assessment process it should become clear what first aid services, equipment and staff training are required. It’s best to review your workplaces first aid risk assessment regularly with feedback from your workers to ensure your arrangements stay up to date.

Right Equipment and Staff – Carpet Cleaner Gold Coast

Workplaces must give their staff access to:

First aid equipment & correct clean facilities & access fully current trained first aid workers.

The first aid kits must be kept close to areas where there is a higher risk of injury or illness, as well as inside work trucks and vehicles if workers are expected to travel as part of their work.

The first aid kits should be based on your first aid risk assessment. They should include equipment for providing basic first aid, but extra equipment may be needed depending on the nature of the work and workplace (for example, in country areas or where there is a high risk of certain serious injuries like fire).

A first aid workplace risk assessment will also help you to decide if a dedicated first aid room is needed at your workplace.

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